The 2016 Peugeot 308GTi has all the chances to repeat the success of the 308 model

01/18/2016 13:57:06
The 2016  Peugeot 308GTi has all the chances to repeat the success of the 308 model
The new 2016 Peugeot 308GTi is a very enjoyable car, fast and comfortable, with sporty design, available in some eye-catching colors.

The all new Peugeot 308GTi by Peugeot Sport is the brand's latest offering based on the successful 308

new Peugeot

The Peugeot 308GTi comes in two specifications, 250 and 270. Both are powered by the Peugeot Sport developed 1.6 litre THP engine. Both specs can run RON 95 and RON 98 fuel whilst delivering class-leading environmental credentials. CO2 emission and 139g/km with a combined cycle fuel economy of 47.0 mpg.  

The Peugeot 308GTi uses a pseudo MacPherson strut at the front paired with a twist beam system at the rear. The front suspension has been designed specifically for the 308 GTi, and features stiffer front springs. The interior style is in-keeping with the exterior and is purposely sporty. There is a centrally mounted touch-screen that forms the centre point of the instrument panel. Next to that is the compact, 351mm x 329mm, steering wheel covered in full-grain leather with a red centre mark at the top. 

Peugeot 308GTi

Generally the Peugeot 308GTi by PeugeotSport, it is a very enjoyable car, fast and responsive when pushed hard, comfortable and composed when you want a smoother journey. It is a big step forward for the GTi brand back towards the top of the hot-hatch market.

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